Our intention is to share our joy and passion with the community and to bring more aliveness and presence into this world by gathering other dance and meditation lovers.


Co-founder & organizer

Also known as Dhyana Danceleg (born in Colombia, based in Berlin), she has been a big lover of music and dance since her early childhood. Soon she would discover the night life and the joy of dancing for long hours in the clubs, disappearing in the dance and loud beats. Already in Berlin she encountered the OSHO active meditations, which use movement as a way to stillness and silence. She discovered a totally new approach to movement: dance with totality and awareness as a doorway to oneself, as the fastest path to feelings, as a form of unity with the whole. Dance plays a main roll in her life as it fills her with joy and opens a space for her to relax.


Dhyana is a certified facilitator of OSHO Meditations and OSHO Meditative Therapies, Sufi Whirling and Dance Alchemy teacher as well as an Aquafloating and Thai Massage practitioner. She works also as a graphic designer and event organiser, and is the creator of Whirling in Berlin as well as OSHO Colombia and co-founder of the Conscious Dance Festival.



Dance has always been very important in Kabiro´s life. Her father owned one of the very first discotheques in Spain and from an early age and through her own body she learned how free and total dance can be of great benefit for the soul.

Later on in life she engaged deeply in other forms of dance, becoming an oriental dance teacher and a very keen practitioner of 5 Rhythms, Authentic Movement, Rio Abierto and Ecstatic Dance.

She is a certified breath worker, bodyworker and art therapist, as well as a producer for fashion films.

Omid Mohadjeri

Photo & Video

Film, for Omid, started in front and not behind the lens. 
From his first day on his father was filming every step and bite he’d take, for his family archive. His grandfather was a theatre director and actor in Kerman, Iran, readapting ancient Persian myths and bringing them on the modern stage.

As a young boy he discovered his interest for music and started exploring the world of sounds through all kinds of instruments as Persian Santur, Piano, Handpan amongst others.

His passion for sound had led him to create his first band as a teenager and the production of the first music video for this very band was his first encounter and opening to the world of visual arts.

7 years of film and photography in 17 different countries around the globe and 3 long format films later, today, Omid is continuing to deepen his relationship with the queen of arts through exploring all her different moods and faces, slowly but steadily mastering my craft.

Carmen Escudero


In the late 80s, Carmen took an interest in photography and gradually consolidated her place in the market as a fashion and portrait photographer.

With a university degree in Psychology, she now works as a coach and Gestalt therapist, combining this with art photography and occasional returns to fashion for designers who request her work. She has always found similarities in both fields when exploring the world of emotions and human communication, and photography as a testimony for information, documentary or advertising. This twofold activity, being a psychologist and a photographer, gives her the chance to create dialogues where she can explore the world of emotions and human communication, and use photography as a witness and “cleansing” of different emotional landscapes.

 Tel.: +49 177 50 31 675