barcelona / 18.-19.05.2019

”When I write I try to project my soul through my fingers. At the festival I have realized that I can also do it through my body. It has been a journey rich with stations, emotions, body, heart and soul. A journey where at each stop magic got hold of me and there was no way to stop it. It was my first time. I will not stop travelling…”
Araceli Gutierrez Vilanova

”Coming back from a  festival full  of movement. Playing with movement through its different grades of intensity  has allowed me to discover myself and the world in many different ways…Opening doors to emotion, lowering the mind’s volume and enjoying feeling. A beautiful journey! I found a group that was highly committed to experiment and companions that made the journey easier. This is Life!!!”
Equilibry Violet

Program & facilitators

In my Axes – Body Mind Centering©     
Alba Raventòs

Energy Centers System
Valeria Zylbersztejn    


Carol Villalón


With touch, with song – Contact Improvisation and voice

Riki Parenti

Body Consciousness and Creative Movement 
Ayako Zushi -
Live music by Isidora Urrutia


5 Rhythms®

Stuart Phillips  

Ecstatic Dance

Arun Ji

Sufi Whirling
Dhyana Vargas -
Music by Pedro Burruezo & Robert Santamaría


barcelona / 30.06-01.07.2018

”From moment to moment, moving through deep, enriching experiences; uplifting,profound,heart- melting, exhilarating; we were all brought together in creativity,tenderness and joy.” Rachel Thalmann

”When rhythm, professionality, love and surrender turn this meeting into the world´s best dance. Such fun!!!” Mireia Anglès


The Festival was very nurturing. Very varied and programmed in such a way that I was going deep within myself  in a light way, almost without noticing it. I had moments of great inner connection and awareness. It brought me a lot of peace and reconnection. I would very highly recommend it as a week- end for oneself and for enjoying life with a group, for letting go in the assurance that nothing will go wrong , for realizing how the group energy helps each participant to dive deep”

Mari Luz Abad

Program & facilitators

Samuel Letellier

The 5 Rhythms in you - 5 RHYTHMS®
Noelia Ruiz     

In Search of Lost Body – Sistema Rio Abierto

Roxana Cabut


I am inspired, I express myself – Breath, Movement, the Voice and Life dancing

Gemma Reguant

The Dance of the heart mirror – Sufi Dances   
Lesya Starr


Sufi Whirling

OSHO Kundalini Meditation

Dhyana Vargas   

Dance – the body and its nature

Andrés Waksman

Ecstatic Dance Vibrations
Robbie Musto

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