program 2024

DAY 1 - June 24th


11.00h - 12.30h Registration 

13:30h - 15:00h Lunch & Rest
15:00h - 17:00h Opening

17:30h - 18:30h Kundalini Meditation*
19:00h - 20:15h Evening Meeting*

20:15h - 21:30h Dinner
21:30h - 23:00h Sensing in Movement


DAY 2 - June 25th


07:00h - 08:00h Dynamic Meditation*
08:00h - 09:00h Breakfast
09:00h - 10:00h Yoga Flow
10:30h - 13:00h 5 Rhythms®
13:30h - 15:00h Lunch & Rest
15:00h - 17:00h Breath Meditation
17:30h - 18:30h Kundalini Meditation*
19:00h - 20:15h Evening Meeting*
20:15h - 21:30h Dinner
21:30h - 23:00h Dancer in the Dark


DAY 3 - June 26th


07:00h - 08:00h Dynamic Meditation*
08:00h - 09:00h Breakfast
09:00h - 10:00h Talking to your BodyMind
10:30h - 13:00h Dance Alchemy
13:30h - 15:00h Lunch & Rest
15:00h - 17:30h Beach Time
17:30h - 18:30h Kundalini Meditation*
19:00h - 20:15h Evening Meeting*
20:15h - 21:30h Dinner

21:30h - 23:00h Stop Dance Meditation


DAY 4 - June 27th


07:00h - 08:00h Dynamic Meditation*
08:00h - 09:00h Breakfast
09:00h - 10:45h Listening Hands
11:00h - 13:00h Ecstatic Dance
13:30h - 15:00h Lunch & Rest
15:00h - 17:00h Sound Journey
17:30h - 18:30h Kundalini Meditation*
19:00h - 20:15h Evening Meeting*
20:15h - 21:30h Dinner
21:30h - 23:00h Sufi Whirling Ceremony


DAY 5 - June 28th


07:00h - 08:00h Dynamic Meditation*
08:00h - 09:00h Breakfast
09:00h - 11:30h Body & Art
12:00h - 13:30h Official Closing
13:30h - 15:00h Lunch & Rest
for those staying longer:
17:30h - 18:30h Kundalini Meditation*
19:00h - 20:15h Evening Meeting*
20:15h - 21:30h Dinner
21:30h - 23:00h Closing Party


*these meditations are ran by OSHO Afroz and are optional, yet recommended. You can also use this time to go to the village,  explore the surroundings or enjoy the beach.

Workshops & Facilitators

Dance Alchemy is an opportunity to explore life issues and transform the emotions behind it. With movement and presence we allow things that are hidden in the unconscious mind to be revealed, expressed and felt. Allowing ourselves to feel, we become more grounded in our bodies. Our sensitivity, resilience, and capacity to be more present in daily life expands, no matter the situation.

This workshop supports you with a guided exploration of your inner world through dance, presence and acceptance. A way to transform and to free blocked energy into aliveness and celebration.

Sensing in Movement is an invitation to experience ourselves from the inside out and to explore our felt sense through touch, dance and presence.

In this workshop we will use elements of contact dance, subtle energy movement and latihan to bring us into deeper contact with our physical bodies and create space for silence to emerge organically. A synergy of these elements will support to become keenly aware of the physical felt sensations.


Whirling is an ancient Sufi technique, where you whirl on the spot with your arms outstretched. Accompanied by musicians playing traditional Sufi music, Dhyana will share a space for you to learn and experience this active meditation that helps the mind to relax, moving you into a soft, and silent space – the very center of your being.

Founder and organizer of the Conscious Dance Festival®, Dhyana (born in Colombia, based in Berlin) is a passionate meditator and dancer with a vast experience in different meditation techniques, therapy and somatic work as well as movement practices. She is a certified practitioner of the body-based therapy Dance Alchemy, trainer and facilitator for OSHO Active Meditations and OSHO Meditative Therapies, and facilitates Whirling workshops, initiating others in this ancient tradition.

Dhyana is as well the creator of Whirling in Berlin, and OSHO Colombia. She travels the world offering spaces and courses for those who wish to have an experience of meditation in movement.

Ecstatic Dance is free-form movement practice where participants are invited to let go of the chatter of their mind, tune into their body and let it move freely to the flow and rhythm of the music. Ecstatic Dance facilitator & DJ Renée Lacroix will bring us into an unguided musical journey, starting with slow and meditative beats to warm us up, gradually bringing the energy to a fiery climax before coming back down, ending in stillness.


Co-founder of Ecstatic Dance UK, Renée's journey on the spiritual path started with meditation and Buddhism before leading her to conscious dance. She first started her practice as a 5Rhythms dancer, and eventually found her ikigai (reason for being) as an Ecstatic Dance organiser, facilitator and DJ. As an avid traveller and a classically trained pianist, her sets will make you travel around the globe with a sophisticated tapestry of world electronica and neoclassical. She now lives in Lisbon where she hosts monthly dance.

5Rhythms® is a meditative movement practice, a map to explore the rhythms that live in us, in our bodies and emotions and out . Through movement, dance and body awareness we experience how it is to flow in life with inclusion and acceptance.

"Created by Gabrielle Roth and practiced by tens of thousands worldwide, 5Rhythms® is a philosophy, perspective, performance art and a dynamic movement practice rooted in the principle that if you put the psyche in motion it will heal itself.
Movement is both the medicine and the metaphor, reaching across all languages, cultures and age groups to transform suffering into art, art into awareness, and awareness into action. Wherever the 5Rhythms are practiced, a community is born to dance, to sweat, to change, to support, and to provide a safe space for each of us to shatter the ego’s hold and awaken the juicy, unpredictable, fascinating, edge-walking, rock star part of ourselves that yearns to be free.”


Nirvana is a 5Rhythms Teacher in Training, OSHO Active Meditations Facilitator and a Meditative Art Teacher. She is from Argentina and lives in between Torino (Italy) and Lesvos (Greece), since 2019, where she offers 5Rhythms classes and Meditative workshops and events.

She has been part of this practice for almost ten years, dancing with and learning from teachers all around the world, and in 2023 she started the Teacher Training journey towards her certification. She creates spaces of freedom and acceptance to connect to oneself and allow the natural flow of creativity. Saying YES to oneself and YES to life is her offering.

This will be an exploration of your body and soul through movement and other creative expressions (poetry, land-art, performance) by playful partner and group interaction.

Kabiro (Lara Ubago) is an artist and art director, as well as being trained in Gestalt Art - Therapy Breathwork and Bodywork. She has, for decades, studied and engaged deeply with different forms of Conscious Dance and is also co-founder of Conscious Dance Festival.

In this evening session Nadeen  and Dhyana invite us to experience the infinite depth of Darkness. Inspired in the tantric Darkness Meditation, we will be able to disolve into the vastness of darkness and in that oneness we explore the dance without the limits of form.  An extraordinary and unique experience!


Nadeen started his path in meditation 35 years ago. He was with the Indian master Osho since 88, deepening his personal growth and learning various meditation techniques, meditative therapies, esoteric sciences, hypnosis, energy reading, body therapies, among many others.
Nadeen facilitates at the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India, and specializes in helping people to awaken presence in the heart center and to open up to intuition and self-love.

To love is to listen. In this short journey we are going to listen and be present with others through the sense of touch – firm conscious loving touch. Our hands are the extension of our hearts, and Love is the greatest healing power there is. Sofia is going to introduce simple techniques used in Rebalancing Bodywork to shift the energy from the mind to the body, restore the energy flow in the body and bring peace and grounding to our being.


Sophia Karamani, born in Thessaloniki has been in the path of Self-inquiry for her last ten years. Her greatest aspiration in life is to wake up fully to what is Real, and live in this life a natural way of being, embodying her full potential as the unique individual she is.
For the last eight years she has been practicing Biodynamic Rebalancing bodywork, a deep healing work on physical, psychological and spiritual level. Working with people in this way has helped her to develop a greater understanding of our human nature, grow in sensitivity, receptivity, intuition and awareness.

She was trained by Rasal Antar in India and since then she has been offering sessions. Nowadays she co-facilitates the Rebalancing Training together with him. She has been as well trained in breast Ayurvedic massage as well as Myofascial Energetic Release (MER). Sofia works with Diamond Age Essences and offers individual consultations assisting people to bring their life in flow.

Dance playfully, be totally lost in dancing and when the music stops, you also stop.
For few moments be still, like a statue, aware of whatever is happening inside and outside.
When the music starts again and you dance again.

In that sudden STOP, the continuity that was taking place in the mind stops. A glimpse of distance from the mind can be experienced, a moment to be aware of your body, mind and soul. If all of a sudden you become present, the whole energy changes.

This dance meditation is a way to learn how to stay connected with yourself during everyday activities.


Mridu, born in Turkey, worked as an architect in Istanbul until she found Osho and his work in 2003. She started to work on herself and meditate from then on. Soon after she found the process called Path of Love. After participating and staffing several times, she became part of the core facilitators team as Path of Love DJ, (or music facilitator). She has worked and traveled with this process in Costa Rica, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, India and currently still performing her work in Germany, Greece and USA.
Besides her work in Path of Love, Mridu is a trained counsellor, Art Therapy practitioner, Holistic bodyworker and Facial Harmony practitioner. She also holds space for Ecstatic Dance events.


Yoga is a master teacher - its essence and wisdom have flowed through countless bodies over town, bringing unparalleled grounding, illumination, vitality and the expansion of the soul into flesh.

Activate & Awaken is rooted in a yogic frequency - though also inspired by Animal Flow, Jujitsu Flow, and Callisthenics. Each session is a playful lab of bodily exploration; an invitation to meet your presence and power in every breath.

Clare is a Personal Trainer and Holistic Yoga Flow Teacher, who uses movement, meditation and conscious breathing to bring the mind back to the body, and the body back to earth.

Originally from London, Clare is mostly based in Lesvos - where she trains various communities on the island. She feels deeply rooted in Lesvos - and she aims to transmit this grounding to those she trains.

Using intuitive movement (for flexibility, mobility, balance & release), Clare’s sessions are an invitation to admire the mastery, poetry and beauty of your body.  

Immensely inspired by the surrounding landscape, Clare draws your attention to the mountains, the olive trees, the sensations of the Aegean dancing on your skin.

As you relax on your mat, allowing yourself to be guided into an immersive enhanced state of consciousness, the sound waves will wash through you, carrying you on a journey deep within yourself.

We use the healing tools of the gongs, handpan, voice & other instruments, to create frequencies and patterns, which when combined with various meditative techniques, induce an enhanced a state of consciousness where healing can occur. Sound has been used in sacred ceremonies & shamanic rituals since ancient times, and can affect and change our brainwaves, allowing mystical altered states to be induced and for connectedness & oneness to arise.

In a light trance, combining let go with alertness, explore and befriend your bodymind‘s creative and self-healing energies. Sitting or lying down, you will be guided into a space of relaxed awareness using gentle soothing music and spaces of silence.

The session is based on the meditative therapy OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind.

Sandipa has lived in OSHO meditation communities, traveled the world, enjoys dance and movement and enjoys discovering what never dies. She loves to share these passions and entice others to find freedom, authenticity and inner peace. For her, meditation became a cornerstone for any deeper psychotherapeutic work. She thus has connected her original profession as a psychologist with the spiritual dimension and has understand that if we want to know ourselves and achieve healing and change within us, it is not possible without immersing ourselves in the silence, solitude and deep truth within us, in the places where real healing comes from.

In her professional life she enters the roles of crisis psychologist, psychotherapist, masseur, meditation facilitator, event producer and travel guide.

Akul is creativity and curiosity in his whole being. In 1977 he went to India to meditate with Osho, leaving behind a boring life as electronic technician. Years later he moved to Greece where he built his house from scratch learning by doing what it means to build a house. One friend came one day to visit him bringing 4 gongs and giving him his first gong experience. Since then Akul enjoys his evenings playing the gong while watching the beautiful Greek sea.

 Tel.: +49 177 50 31 675