London / 23.-24.11.2019

„Thank you so much for the dance festival. It was amazing. I had an absolutely incredible time. I arrived on Saturday morning very tired and I left on Sunday night incredibly invigorated, inside and out. It was astonishing. I'm older, probably the oldest person at the event, and I often feel tired. I came away knowing that tiredness is a choice. I arrived somewhat achy from the day before and happy in the knowledge that I could sit out if I wanted to, and then I moved continuously and energetically for the entire workshop. It was wonderful.“ Mike Coote


Program & facilitators


Niraj Skilbeck


5 Rhythms®

Stuart Phillips


Rhythm Circle

Jamie Morgan


Mastering Harmony – Inner Smile Journey

Sabio Janiak


Gaga People

Rebecca Scheinberg


Ecstatic Dance

Renée Lacroix


Movement Medicine

Mira Khanya

Sufi Whirling with Live Music
Dhyana Vargas - Saeed Rezazadeh, Kayhan Monjezi & Ali Rahmani

 Tel.: +49 177 50 31 675

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