© Photography by Jens Wazel www.jenswazelphotography.com

berlin / 05.-06.10.2019

“¡Muchas gracias! I was flying on my bike with my aching body through sunny Berlin. I have seen so much beauty, felt so much love this weekend. Full of gratitude and inspiration.”

Robert Winter

“The Berlin 2019 festival was incredible! So well organised and you could tell all the hard work the organisers put into formulating the line-up and structuring the programme. Each day of the weekend event built up gradually so that you didn't get too tired to enjoy it, and each facilitator added a new, intriguing element. It was a beautiful experience which left me feeling so naturally high, happy and inspired. Two days later I still feel the immense benefits from it. Thank you Dhyana and Lara for sharing this with us. Highly recommended ”

Ciara Cunnane


Thank you for the vision to create such a beautiful event in Berlin!!!

Saša Pavić

Program & facilitators

Sensing Body
Saša Pavić


Open Floor

Maegan Gorbett (DJ Alma Omega)



From Head to Heart: voice and movement journey

Joris Camelin


Soul Motion

Jens Wazel


Sound Meditation

Roy Sunak


Organic Dance

Karina Suárez Bosche

5 Rhythms®

Dagmar Cee

Rio Abierto System

Linne Melinkat


Sufi whirling & Sufi Music Friends
Dhyana Vargas

© Photography by Carmen Escudero www.carmenescudero.com

berlin / 03.-04.11.2018

“I absolutely loved it! It was wonderful to be surrounded by so many kind people, everyone was such in a good energy. When I got back home I felt in peace, happy, joyful, lighter, and more connected to my soul.”

Léa Vandevoorde

“All the teachers were very good and all very likeable. You have have all a beautiful charisma and created a loving atmosphere. I was inspired.”

Ivo Knippenberg


Thank you again for organizing this wonderful dance festival with so much personal charm and spirit. I liked the openness and diversity about the workshops and participants. It was a truly enriching experience.

Gert Hellerich

Program & facilitators

Embodying Voice
Corinne Castelli

Martina Weinheimer

Rio Abierto System

Brunhilde Kerschbaumer


Soundhealing & Meditation

Kabiro Ubago - Music by Shingo Masuda

Bodywork and Massage Journey
Zahiro Kai -
Music by Saša Pavić


Contact Improvisation

Mireia Aragones

Ecstatic Dance


Sufi whirling and Sema Ceremony – Homage to Oruç Güvenc
Dhyana Vargas

Berlin / 07.10.2017

The first edition of the Conscious Dance Festival took place in Berlin on 7 October 2017 at Lake Studios.

It was a wonderful and inspiring experience that gave us the motivation to keep sharing this passion for dance and meditation in the future with more of you.

“The Conscious Dance Festival was great fun, pleasure and inspiration!!!
Special thanks to all of you organizing a beautiful program, buffet, togetherness. Your caring sharing was very touching and nourishing!!!” Katja Sehl

“It was a pleasure to be part of the first "seed" of Conscious Dance Festival. May many more follow! I enjoyed the open, heartful atmosphere that you created.” Nina Wehnert


Program & facilitators

Body-Mind Centering® & Contact Improvisation

Nina Wehnert


5 Rhythms®

Marika Heinemann



Pablo Escorcia


Sufi Whirling

Dhyana Vargas


Ecstatic Dance

Jaya Kusche













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