Nevertheless we suggest you check if any changes happen before traveling. Detailed information on tourist travel is provided by the Greek National Tourism Organization at  VisitGreece and Destination Greece, as well as in the App VisitGreece.


To make this event as safe and as enjoyable as possible, every participant will do a rapid Covid test on arrival at the center. If your self test is positive, you can either do a PCR test to confirm it (if the result comes out negative you will be welcome to join the festival). If your Covid test is positive you will receive a full refund to your participation fee.

I’m not vaccinated. Can I enter Greece? Can I join the festival?
Yes, you can enter Greece and you can join the festival.

What happens in case the retreat gets canceled?
In case of cancellation from our side, all tickets will be fully refunded. The festival is not liable for losses that occurred to expenses like flights and transfers. We suggest you check with the airline about their re-booking policies prior booking your flight or/and to take out extra insurance to cover you in such cases.


How do I get there?
By air: Your airport destination is MYTILENE. There are daily flights from Athens and Thessaloniki.

By boat: There are ferries from the port of Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Kavala or Athens. Also from Ayvalik, Turkey.
From Mytilene to Eresos

Eresos is about 80 Km from Mytilene. You can come by a taxi 80€ /1½ hours, by bus - about 8€ /3 hours, summer timetables available at the end of May (info: +30 22510 28873), or rent a car from Mytilene to Eresos.
If you come by bus, at the end of the destination (Eresos/Skala Eresos) get off, give us a call and if a car is available we come to pick you up, otherwise there are taxis available - 7€.


We can coordinate sharing taxis from the airport if you let us know your arrival time.


What time can I arrive? Can I stay longer after the retreat?

We suggest you arrive on Saturday June 25th latest at 10.00h. You can always arrive some days earlier. Suggested departure is Thursday June 30th latest at 11.00h. You can stay longer if wished. Please check availability of accommodation with OSHO Afroz.



What type of accommodation offers OSHO Afroz?

• ROOM IN STONE HOUSE: Rooms are furnished with two or more beds (there is a chance to share with another visitor) and bathrooms (shared with room-mates).
• WOODEN HUT: very simple but beautiful construction with tile roof and electricity.
• TENT: that you can set up in the estate. The center owns many of them but it is preferable that you bring your own. Mattress, pillows & bed sheets are supplied. Always good to bring a sleeping bag with you.
Those staying at wooden huts and tents use common shower and toilet facilities.

For prices please contact OSHO Afroz or send us a message via WhatsApp.

I am vegetarian / vegan. 

We will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner for those staying at the center. The "Slow Food" process is purely vegetarian (with vegan option), mainly traditional Greek or Mediterranean dishes.

Please, if you are on a special diet, take responsibility of your own needs.

Are Can I bring my children with me?
Children are allowed on the campus yet not in the workshops. 


What to bring with me?

• 3 rapid Covid tests (or more if you like)
• A water bottle to refill with our Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water.
• Towels & Earth friendly shower products.
• Whatever you need in order to be comfortable during meditations.  The center provides meditation cushions.

• Yoga Mat
• Beach stuff

• A hat or cap


 Tel.: +49 177 50 31 675