Lisbon / 07.-08.06.2020

„It was reconnecting with the body, with myself, with my fears, with my pain. It was a deep journey into the subconscious.“ M.B.


„All was created with so much love. What came to my mind during the festival is a quote from Rumi: close your eyes, fall in love, stay here. Thomas Fries


I had an amazing connection with the inside and outside. I am deeply grateful to you all.“ M.T.

Program & facilitators

Rio Abierto System

Linne Melinkat

5 Rhythms®
Rui & Sabine

Ritual Trance Dance
Luisa Paula Pereira
Voice Awakening
Virgílio Beatriz

Reconnect Dance
Pedro Paz


Ecstatic Dance

DJ Mucho Bueno


Movement Medicine

Shivani Soares

Sufi Whirling -  Live music

Dhyana Vargas

Live Music by Gülami Yeşildal & Joao Redondo

Lisbon / 22.-23.06.2019

„Thank you for creating such a beautiful container. This was one of the most profound conscious dance gatherings I’ve ever been a part of, it was an honor to participate“ Lauren Brazell


I am deeply grateful for the existence of so much beautiful, extraordinary music in this world, for all the musicians who dedicate their power of creation to it – and for having a body that's able to understand this language of passion...and dance with it. Lea Mirbach


It was a truly beautiful weekend exploring a vast array of movement practices. It felt gentle yet powerful, playful yet profound. Thanks for putting together such a great program, and of course to all the dancers who came and co-created a magical space with us!“ Renée Lacroix

Program & facilitators

Cristiano Martins
Dance to Connect - 5 Rhythms®
Dilma Morais

Ritual Trance Dance
Luisa Paula Pereira
Earth Body Medicine
Iris Lican & Baltazar Molina

Chilling out on the Roof-top - DJ Set
Renée Lacroix

Inside-Out - Contact improvisation
Cristina Benedita

Rio Abierto System

Linne Melinkat

Ecstatic Dance

Renée Lacroix

Sufi Whirling
Dhyana Vargas - Baltazar Molina & Gülami Yeşildal

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