Life is full of surprises. Who would have imagined that after so many months we would still be facing lockdowns, masks and social distancing. All those magical places where we meet to heal through dance and meditation are paused. Yet now more than ever we need them, as they help us to ground, and get us in touch with ourselves, and light a spark in our lives. Therefore, we are bringing the Conscious Dance Festival to your living room as a monthly series of short online versions.

This February 21 we will open the cyber doors for you to experience and discover different approaches to conscious movement, offered by a group of fabulous and very experienced facilitators whom we have carefully selected to join us in this first online edition.

This is a unique opportunity for you to gain an understanding of your own experience of how movement and dance can bring you closer to yourself, and how your life can be filled with deeper presence to cope differently with challenges that arise.

No previous dance experience required. All bodies and levels are welcome.

SUNDAY february 21

16.00h - 20.00h CET


16.00h - 16.15h    Opening
16.15h - 17.00h    Gaga Movement Language with Yaara
17.00h - 17.30h    Live music with Rico + Eija Luna
17.30h - 19.00h    Dance Alchemy with Maneesha
19.00h - 19.30h    Meditation with Live music with Nadeen Roessler + Prem Svargo
19.30h - 19.45h    Closing

Maneesha has been working as a dance therapist and teacher since 1986. She developed Dance Alchemy, a body based therapy with a life affirmative attitude of celebration and love. It is a unique way of using dance and the alchemy in our own bodies to transform negative emotions, find self-love and acceptance, understand and connect more deeply with one’s true nature, and enter meditation.

Maneesha studied dance and dance therapy in the USA. She was trained in therapies such as childhood and relationship resolution work using emotional release, hypnosis and past life regression. She also is trained in metaphysical energy work, metaphysical reading, and therapeutic bodywork, and is currently being trained in somatic experiencing (trauma healing).

Nadeen started his path in meditation 35 years ago. He was with the Indian master Osho since 88, deepening his personal growth and learning various meditation techniques, meditative therapies, esoteric sciences, hypnosis, energy reading, body therapies, among many others.
Nadeen is a facilitator at the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India. He specializes in helping his clients to awaken presence in the heart center and open it to live with more self-love and acceptance.

Gaga Movement is an embodiment process in which you’ll be guided through a series of instructions filled with rich imagery deployed to increase your awareness and to amplify your body sensations.Turning up the volume of intensity, information is layered, building into a multi-sensory, physical challenging experience.

Yaara is an Israeli choreographer, performer, healer and Gaga Movement Language teacher based in Berlin and Portugal. After her experience with the 'Batsheva Ensemble' led by Ohad Naharin, creator of Gaga Movement she decided to follow her own artistic vision, forming the DeDe Dance company and ‘KABBALAH & DANCE - The Healing Embodiment. She teaches, and cooperates with other choreographers and artists from different fields, around the globe.


Prem Svargo is a multi-talented person who taught himself how to play the flute, the guitar and drums. He started to play music more than 30 years ago in different bands in Australia, India and Greece. Svargo has been playing music for meditation on a weekly basis since 2010 in Greece and lately continues sharing these meditations online. Parallel to his music passion, Svargo worked for more than 20 years as a mime in Australia.

Rico is a vibrating, present and emotional multi-instrumentalist. His musical expressions have inspirations from west africa and Brasil, but most of the creation comes from the present moment. He loves combining his biggest interests: music, presence, meditation and the free expression.
He LOVES creating music with his lovely daughter Eija Luna!

Eija Luna was born out of music and happiness!  Her shining personality opens up for love in many forms, and her spontaneous way of guiding and expressing herself is deeply inspiring. At only 10 years old she has already performed in festivals, both solo and in bands as well as co-facilitating dynamic singing circles with her father (Rico).

Together Rico and Eija Luna are on an active musical journey, investigating different ways of creating music with each other. They sing simple songs, heart songs, interpretations from different cultures, community songs, body music, even some pop and funky stuff.
They still haven't decided exactly what they will do at the festival…a perfect example of how they work. Every moment is different :-) We can however look forward to some heartful singing moments and pure love.


these are PWYW events (pay what you want) depending on your current financial situation.*

35,-€  /  25,-€  /  15,-€

*if you have little money, please contact us, and we will give you free access.

What our participants say:

"Tears in my eyes, a big smile on my face and new friends by my hands - let me call these the beautiful side effects of a weekend full of movement and stillness, rich in sound and in silence. Within and beyond all of that there had been an unspoken invitation. An invitation to meet myself. To explore who I am just a little bit more. This experience, in a way, has brought me back home - back into my heart. For that I am very grateful."  Omid Mohadjeri

“The best experience I had last year was at the Conscious Dance Festival: great organisation behind high level dancers, teachers, movement lovers who guided us –100+ people– through the discovery and managing of our energy.” Maria Vittoria Caputo

”From moment to moment, moving through deep, enriching experiences; uplifting, profound, heart- melting, exhilarating; we were all brought together in creativity, tenderness and joy.” Rachel Thalmann

"Hard times require furious DAncing." Alice Walker









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