Let's dance one more time before our summer break at the Online Edition of the Conscious Dance Festival.
This time we have curated a totally new program so every time you participate you get to meet new facilitators, musicians and approaches to conscious movement.

As long as the magical (physical) places where we meet to heal through dance and meditation remain closed, we will keep bringing the Conscious Dance Festival to your living room as a monthly series of short online versions. Now more than ever we need to dance and celebrate life, as this helps us to find ground under our feet, get in touch with ourselves, and light a spark in our hearts.

This May 16  we will open again the cyber doors for you to experience and discover different approaches to conscious movement, offered by a group of fabulous and very experienced facilitators whom we have carefully selected to join us in this upcoming online edition.

This is a unique opportunity for you to gain an understanding of your own experience of how movement and dance can bring you closer to yourself, and how your life can be filled with deeper presence to cope differently with challenges that arise.
No previous dance experience required. All bodies and levels are welcome.

Our Facilitators

Our facilitators are certified, innovated and passionated conscious dance lovers who after many years of own personal growth with different masters and teachers, have as well gather years of experience facilitating internationally.

They will be presenting different approaches as 5 Rhythms, Open Floor, Gaga Movement Language, Sufi Whirling, Guided Active Meditations, Rio Abierto, Movement Medicine, Soul Motion,  Biodanza, Voice and Movement, among many others. And to support the atmosphere we also invite musicians to play live music from different places around the world.

All sessions are interactive and experiential.

Next event: SUNDAY May 16

16.00h - 20.00h CET


Feeling into Movement – Michael Rolnick
Emotional Wave Live Music – Viviane Stern
5Rhythms® – Stuart Phillips
The Overtone Portal – A Sonic Immersion – Mallika Paritosh


Practiced by tens of thousands worldwide, 5Rhythms® is a philosophy, perspective, performance art and a dynamic movement practice rooted in the principle that if you put the psyche in motion it will heal itself. Stuart will guide you through the 5Rhythms Wave, moving through each of the rhythms; Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness®. There are no steps to learn as the only way to dance the 5Rhythms is your way, because if you don’t do your dance, who will?

Stuart is an accredited 5Rhythms teacher. His teachings are practical and are rooted in inviting awareness to the physical body that we each inhabit. His work has been described as bringing clarity and simplicity to the practice of embodied movement.
Stuart teaches from the London area, offering on-line group classes and 1 to 1 via zoom. As we begin to transition towards new ways of being in the World, he has started offering opportunities to dance outside in nature within local parks and woodland areas.
Stuart's classes count towards the 5Rhythms Teacher Training prerequisite hours (Waves).

In this session we check in with our physical body, feeling and sensing our way into movement, with a particular emphasis on our contact with the ground. Through kneading movements, that gently rock, push and pull, we prepare and wake up the body in readiness for the sessions that follow.

Michael was born in London where he trained as a dancer at The Royal Ballet Schools. His dance credits include work with Northern Ballet Theatre, Scottish Ballet, The Lindsay Kemp Company, AMP and numerous others.
Michael works as well as a choreographer and visual artist. He currently teaches groups as well as giving one-to-one bodywork sessions of Pilates, Gyrotonic®/Gyrokinesis®, Biodynamic craniosacral therapy and Thai Yoga Massage. He also holds creative spaces for groups in a variety of settings in Berlin.

Every sound we hear has an infinite number of resonant frequencies. Mallika invites us with this sound meditation to open to the awareness of those “infinite sounds within each sound” called Overtones. Once the portal is opened, our mind becomes calm, the perception of our body is expanded, and we can get in touch with something bigger: the infinite vibrating source from which all arises.

Mallika, born in Argentina, has always been fascinated by the mystery and beauty of invisible things: stories, melodies, cosmogonies, sacred rituals, and silence. She studied Philosophy and Classical Piano and Music Education. She researches ancient Tantric philosophy, in particular the role of sound in the sophisticated metaphysics of those lineages. She has performed traditional South American music and dances at a wide variety of festivals and plays more than 40 instruments.

In the last 10 years, she has combined music, philosophy, literature and dance with meditation. She is a certified Osho Active Meditations facilitator, a Sound Therapist, and co-creates ecstatic and multidisciplinary events all over the world that integrate bodywork and ancient Tantra with poetry, sound meditation, visionary art, science, sacred rituals and soulful music.

Viviane invites us to enjoy a session of lovingly interpreted Cover-Songs. With her voice and her uniqueness, she makes every song her own, performing each song in a very personal full-hearted expression. Allow her music and her emotions guide you into a feeling of happiness and joy.

Viviane is a German artist, singer and musician. She discovered her passion for music in her early childhood and since she left school, she fully follows the impulses of her heart and lives her passion as her calling. She taught herself to play the guitar and also the piano. Her voice is her main instrument since she was a little child. She always loved to write and compose her own songs and since some time she also produces them - their releases are planned, step by step.
If she's performing on the streets of any city, in a little circle - or even on the stage:
What counts for Viviane is the connection to the audience or the circle, in which she is performing - and of course the emotions shared with and between her listeners.



♥ contribution ♥

35,-€ / 25,-€ / 15,-€

This is a Pay What You Can event depending on your current financial situation.

Contributing with 35€ You Get 15% discount at one of our in-person festivals*


If you have little money, please contact us, and we will give you free access.

*the discount applies for the regular price of the Weekend-Ticket in Berlin, Barcelona, Lisbon or London,
or the Regular-Ticket at the Retreat Edition in Lesvos, Greece.

What our participants say:

"Tears in my eyes, a big smile on my face and new friends by my hands - let me call these the beautiful side effects of a weekend full of movement and stillness, rich in sound and in silence. Within and beyond all of that there had been an unspoken invitation. An invitation to meet myself. To explore who I am just a little bit more. This experience, in a way, has brought me back home - back into my heart. For that I am very grateful."  Omid Mohadjeri

“The best experience I had last year was at the Conscious Dance Festival: great organisation behind high level dancers, teachers, movement lovers who guided us –100+ people– through the discovery and managing of our energy.” Maria Vittoria Caputo

”From moment to moment, moving through deep, enriching experiences; uplifting, profound, heart- melting, exhilarating; we were all brought together in creativity, tenderness and joy.” Rachel Thalmann

"Hard times require furious DAncing." Alice Walker


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