day 1 – 07.03.2020

time / workshop / facilitator

10.00h - 10.15h



10.15h - 11.45h

Rio Abierto System

Linne Melinkat


12.15h - 14.00h

5 Rhythms®

Rui & Sabine


15.30h - 17.15h

Ritual Trance Dance

Luisa Paula Pereira


17.45h - 19.15h

Voice Awakening

Virgílio Beatriz


19.15h - 19.30h



day 2 – 08.03.2020

time / workshop / facilitator

10.00h - 10.15h


10.15h - 12.00h

Reconnect Dance

Pedro Paz

12.30h - 14.00h
Ecstatic Dance

DJ Mucho Bueno

15.30h - 17.00h

Movement Medicine

Shivani Soares

17.30h - 19.15h
Sufi whirling -  Live music

Dhyana Vargas

Live Music by Gülami Yesildal

19.15h - 19.30h


During the festival, there will be english / portuguese translation if needed.


5 Rhythms® with Rui & Sabine

The 5Rhythms® Moving Meditation Practice of Gabrielle Roth offers us a map in which we navigate the big dance of life. While a seemingly simple and organic process, the practice facilitates meaningful explorations into new depths of creativity for transformation, connection, compassion, and unity. The 5Rhythms® transcends dance as we know it. We move consciously, and this movement becomes the medicine, the meditation and the metaphor as a gateway to our inner wisdom. 

An invitation to move in a place of non judgement where you can drop in and give yourself permission to find new pathways to the mystery of who you are. With presence and intention, we will surrender to the beat of our own drum supported by an inviting landscape of eclectic music. Together we will peel back layers, lay masks down and dance till we disappear. Only to rediscover ourselves through it all. Wave after wave...

Sabine De Clerck and Rui Gomes received in 2007 the blessing of Gabrielle Roth to teach and share their passion for the 5Rhythms, and since then they facilitate 5R's Waves and Workshops together in Portugal and France.
Rui's alchemical expression is between sensitivity and intensity. It manifests through his poetic, meaningful sharings, together with the diverse musical selections of his waves. 
Intuitive and discrete, Sabine's teachings inspire sensitive and transformative movement. Her fascination for human and sacred spaces is celebrated through the magic exhalation of her proposals.

Ritual Trance Dance with Luisa Paula Pereira

Ever since mankind has danced, replicating and imitating nature, dancing has primarily been something sacred and a way of connecting with Spirit. Ritual Trance Dance was created and developed by Frank Natale and Wilbert Alix. It’s a contemporary ritual with ancient roots. Dance as a doorway to the soul. Ritual Trance Dance is an inner journey wherein we can obtain more clarity and awareness about ourselves and our lives.

“Trance Dance is a unique blend of body movement, healing sounds, dynamic percussive rhythms, transformational breathing techniques and the innovative use of a blindfold or bandana – together stimulating a ‘trance’ state that promotes spiritual awakenings, mental clarity, physical stamina and emotional well-being.” Wilbert Alix, Founder of Trance Dance International.

Born in Lisbon, Luísa Paula is, in her life and in her work, passionate about the human being and about the connection and integration of different worlds. The inner world and the outer world, non-linear and linear, feminine and masculine, unconscious and conscious, right brain and left brain, invisible and visible, and so on. She has studied mathematics, art therapy, storytelling, ritual trance dance and other techniques and disciplines. She is a lifelong student of the subjects of her passion and her work. Her work develops through exploration and integration of linear and non-linear realities, through creativity, movement and expression. She also works with children, through the Uho Puppet Theatre (Stories with Nature Inside).
Luisa has been a Trance Dance Facilitator since 2006. From 2012 to 2018, she was an apprentice and assistant of Wilbert Alix, founder of Trance Dance International, in the Trance Dance Facilitators Training & Trance Dance International workshops.

Reconnect Dance with Pedro Paz

Pedro’s work seeks to help you get into your Body, into You, to reconnect with your structure, your momentum, your lightness and your fluidity and, effortlessly, let the movement remember itself while the mind observes, with curiosity, all the strength and beauty that is manifested. Thereafter comes interaction with others, with the most diverse dynamics that help you feel how natural you can be while relating to someone beyond words.

It is an experience of deep reconnection that begins with remembering your dance, so that you can co-creatively "Move in Touch" with one another's dances.

You will feel the synchronicity and the ability to respond to the moment, with trust and inner calm. And it is this inner calmness that binds all the moments of challenge and the different speeds and rhythms.

Pedro is a dancer and researcher in the field of conscious movement, contact and improvisation.
He has dedicated himself to dance fro early childhood, and now has over twenty years of professional experience as a teacher, a choreographer and director.

Portuguese, born in 1978, he was trained in classical and contemporary dance techniques. Currently performing with several companies and independent projects around Europe, Pedro has also directed artistic projects and residences, retreats, workshops and gatherings.


More about his work here

Voice Awakening with Virgílio Beatriz

The voice is a simple and powerful way of entering into connection with ourselves.

The proposal in this workshop is to discover our natural voice and use it to open our fifth chakra, thereby entering into a state of active meditation that yields incredible results.

Virgilio Beatriz facilitates workshops for this purpose and also gives concerts in Lisbon with mantras and medicine songs in Portuguese, with NOS VOZ.

Virgílio Beatriz is an enthusiast of self discovery and a retreat and workshop facilitator in the human development area. Since 2009, he has facilitated more than 100 workshops and/or retreats in Portugal, as well as in Brazil, India and the Czech Republic.
On his journey of self discovery he has come to realize that the body is a great tool for achieving inner peace. Since then, he offers a deep space to explore the realms of conscious movement and voice activation.
He is a space holder, facilitator and DJ in Ecstatic Dance Lisboa and Ecstatic Dance Arrábida, he also facilitates “Voice Awakening”, singing circles and Sufi ceremonies.

He is based on Arrábida Mountain (35 minutes from Lisbon, Portugal), where he loves to spend time in the forest, connecting with all the different kinds of beings that live there : )


More about his work here

Rio Abierto system with Linne Melinkat

The Río Abierto System was created in the 1960’s in Buenos Aires, Argentina and since then it’s developing continuously and in a dynamic way. It offers a spiritual/body-mind approach for personal development, transformation and self-knowledge. We work with free and guided movement, breath, contact and touch, expression and dramatization, massage & silence. Through different techniques we can “unfreeze“ blockades and promote our vitality and consciousness in order to take care of the body, listen to the heart and express the being.

Linne Melinkat, born in Germany, based in South Portugal, is an international facilitator of the Río Abierto System, and professional Shiatsu practitioner. She became acquainted with in with Río Abierto in Uruguay, where she trained with Graciela Figueroa. In 2019 she moved back to Portugal (Algarve), after almost 20 years abroad. She currently gives Rio Abierto workshops and classes in Portugal, Italy and Germany.

ECSTATIC DANCE with DJ Mucho Bueno

ECSTATIC DANCE is a non verbal journey to openness through music and movement.
A space beyond the mind where the body can express itself freely, intimately connecting with oneself and/or with the group.

Bernardo Torija (aka Bernardo Wattusi), was born in Mexico. He studied music and culinary arts. He was introduced to Latin jazz by his Cuban music teacher and afterwards he started to get interested in electronic music. While living in Montreal, he and his brother created the Wattusi project, by mixing electronic beats with live instruments.

Back in Mexico, Bernardo and other friends started a Nu Mexican Folk band named Timoneki. In 2013, he moved to Europe and began deejaying and producing mainly tropical music under the name of Mucho Bueno. He has played in different cities such as Istanbul, Mexico City, Montreal, Barcelona, Berlin, Athens, Nicosia, Tbilisi, Basel and Lisbon. He currently plays with other DJ friends under the name of Filhos do Ritmo and is on the verge of releasing his latest production. He also takes part in Ágora, Lisbon’s experimental cultural, art and healing space.

Sharing music in ecstatic dances and cacao ceremonies gives Bernardo the opportunity to explore music without limitations on dancing and feeling whatever comes on the dance floor.

Movement Medicine with Shivani Soares

Movement Medicine was developed by Ya'Acov and Susannah Darling Khan, drawing from their 18 years of teaching 5Rhythms, shamanism and Gestalt psychotherapy.
Here, you are YOU, and you’re invited to discover and expand more of your unique dance. You dance deep inside your heart, allowing yourself to feel and express what is there, bringing into creation what is moving inside of you. An opportunity to get out of repetitive stories and patterns in the body-mind, and to unlock stale energy, giving it back to the natural flow of life. To unveil and keep unfolding the dance of who you are, moment by moment. Aware, Embodied, Connected, Real.

Shivani, born in Lisbon, loves to dance and explore the potential of life as movement. This led her to study dance at the Escola Superior de Dança, to take an MA in Dance and Movement Psychotherapy at Goldsmiths' College, to 5Rhythms and to Movement Medicine (UK), which she's been practicing since 2010 having followed the MM training and qualified as an Apprentice Teacher in 2016.

Her thirst for self-discovery has taken her to many countries, spiritual practices and masters, namely Mooji and Ganga Mira, with whom she has worked closely. She currently lives in Aljezur, teaching in Aljezur and Lisbon.


More about her work here


Whirling is an ancient Sufi technique, where you whirl on the spot with your arms outstretched. This method goes very deep, taking the whirler out of the mind and into the very centre of her being. While your whole body is moving you suddenly become aware of a space inside of you that is unmoved. This is YOU.

'To know this unmoving centre is to know the very master key of all the mysteries of life.' Osho

Accompanied by musicians playing traditional Sufi music, Dhyana will share a space for you to learn and experience this ancient centring technique that helps the mind to relax, moving you into a soft, silent and meditative place.

Dhyana Vargas (born in Colombia, based in Berlin) loves sharing her passion for meditation, movement and awareness. She became a certified meditation facilitator in Berlin as well as in Pune, India at the OSHO International Meditation Resort. Her fascination for Sufi whirling led her to practice it with the Sufi master Oruç Güvenc in Turkey.

Currently, Dhyana shares OSHO Meditations and OSHO meditative therapies, teaches Sufi whirling and offers Aquafloating sessions around the world. She is the creator of  Whirling in Berlin, as well as OSHO Meditation Colombia, and co-creator of the Conscious Dance Festival.


Gülami Yesildal is born in a small village in the city province of Sivas, Turkey. Born in spring with unknown
birthdate, he migrated with his family on a young age to Holland. He grew up in the multi-cultural city of
Rotterdam and got in touch with the diverse musical scene.
Without losing his cultural and musical roots Gülami was intrigued by the different sounds and music he
encountered, especially Indian Classical Music. The love he had from a young age for Indian Classical Music
made him later travel to India. Under guidance of the late Guruji Koustav Ray, teacher on Codarts and his
father the late Pt. Biresh Roy he studied Indian Classical Music on the Sarod in Kolkata.
After this period he lived shortly in Australia and back in Holland, where he engaged himself in different
cultural and musical projects.
Since 2014 Gülami is living in Lisbon, Portugal. He is working on his own projects like Opaz, Zar, Uryan as
well participating with different musicians and artists in Portugal and abroad.
Coming from a Bektaşi Sufi family, music has always been the centre of his up growing. Listening to the ancient
mystical songs from childhood and replicating it on the traditional Saz was his first steps into the musical
Gülami is a multi-instrumentalist and singer. He plays the Saz, Sarod, Tar, Oud, Darbuka, Davul and Cajon.

Joao Redondo

Joao Redondo was born in Aveiro  in 1990. From very young age Joao was engaged with different styles of music. While growing up in Aveiro and Silves he learned drumming and different instruments of percussion. His wide interest for music brought him on a journey where he participated as a drummer and percussionist for different project. His speciality ranges from Latin America, North Africa till Turkey. For the past 10 years Joao has been working on different music events.


This is a festival for everyone. No previous dance experience is required. All bodies and levels are welcome.

"there´s nothing more miraculous for meditation than dancing. if you dance fully, if you dance totally, then in that dance your being comes out of the body. the body will go on moving in rhythm but you will experience that you are out of the body. And then your real dance begins: below, the body will go on dancing; above, you will dance. the body on the earth, you in the sky. The body will dance the dance of matter, you will dance the dance of consciousness." OSHO









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