Dhyana and Kabiro have explored extensively many different types of conscious dance. They met while traveling in India, discovered their common passion for dance, and meditation, and decided to collaborate in the creation of these festivals.

Their intention is to share their joy and passion with the community and to bring more aliveness into this world by bringing together other dance and movement lovers.


Also known as Dhyana Danceleg, she has been a big lover of music and dance since her early childhood. Soon she would discover the night life and the joy of dancing for long hours in the clubs, disappearing in the dance and loud beats. Already in Berlin she encountered the OSHO active meditations, which use dance as a way to stillness and silence. She discovered a totally new approach to movement: dance with totality and awareness as a doorway to herself, as the fastest path to her feelings, as a form of unity with the whole. Dance plays a main roll in her life as it fills her with joy and opens a space for her to relax.

She shares OSHO active meditations and sufi whirling around the world and works also as a graphic designer and event organiser.


Dance has always been very important in Kabiro´s life. Her father owned one of the very first discotheques in Spain and from an early age and through her own body she learned how free and total dance can be of great benefit for the soul.

Later on in life she engaged deeply in other forms of dance, becoming an oriental dance teacher and a very keen practitioner of 5 Rhythms, Authentic Movement, Rio Abierto and Ecstatic Dance.

She is a certified breath worker, bodyworker and art therapist, as well as a producer for fashion films.

Junio Romano Gulinelli

Team Manager

Yoga and dance taught him that one can only truly grow by sinking one’s roots into the earth, that the body doesn't lie and that, therefore, we must let it express itself. Whatever. He began to dance (5Rhythms) out of desperation in a moment of crisis in his life, and his soul thanked him by giving him back smiles, tears and everything in between: life. In Italy, his country of origin, he trained in Dhyana yoga and, in Spain, his adopted country, in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga and mindfulness, while currently working towards a post-graduate degree in Body and Art, exploring creativity as a way of connecting with the Soul. He imparts daily Yoga classes, works as a journalist while learning from his greatest teacher: his little two-year-old son.

 Tel.: +49 177 50 31 675

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