During the festival, there will be english translation if needed.

day 1 – 03.11.18


10.00h - 10.15h


10.15h - 12.15h


12.30h - 14.30h


15.30h - 17.30h


17.45h - 19.00h


Arrival and Welcome


Embodying Voice


5 Rhythms®
In Search of Lost Body – Rio Abierto System


Soundhealing & Meditation – Live Music

day 2 – 04.11.18


10.00h - 10.15h
10.15h - 11.45h
12.00h - 13.30h
14.30h - 16.30h
17.00h - 19.00h


Arrival and Welcome


Bodywork and Massage Journey – Live Music


Contact Improvisation
Ecstatic Dance


Sufi whirling and Sema Ceremony with Live Music – Homage to Dr. Oruç Güvenc


Embodying Voice with Corinne Castelli

In this class the participants will get a taste of the relationship between voice and movement, diving gently into the body and its layers, exploring different sounds and the vibration moving through the body. A mindful and sensual experience which can awaken the curiosity for the potential of human voice in motion.

5Rhythms® with Martina Weinheimer

The 5Rhythms® are a movement practice that is very different from any other type of dance
that we might be used to. Created by Gabrielle Roth in the late 70´s, 5Rhythms® it is a practice where there is no judgement or norm that interferes with each person’s process. Each one of the 5 rhythms relates to an emotion, a certain part of the body as a motor, a stage of life, an energy, a type of breath, a character, etc… By working with them we are indirectly healing everything related to them.

Martina’s work is very intuitive, out of the moment and is based on feeling the participants in order to hold a space where they can open up.

In Search of Lost Body – Sistema Rio Abierto with Roxana Cabut

This is a body-mind approach that integrates therapeutic and creative aspects while developing sensitivity, listening, irradiation and silence within an exploratory and learning attitude. In this process, we bring consciousness to the mechanical and rigid aspects of our personality that we embody and that determine our way of being, feeling, thinking and relating. We work in a circle, where something of a transpersonal, we could also say transcendent, nature occurs, which is the connection with our less individualistic aspects.

Roxana invites you to come back into yourself, listen to yourself from the body and let go into the movement to feel yourself and reconnect with your vitality and your inner joy. To go from the control of your emotional body and to liberate your most authentic expression. To respect your need of movement as much as your need of stilness and to celebrate life integrating all of its aspects.

Dance alone, dance with others and rediscover ourselves. Life is movement and it expresses itself through us.

Soundhealing & Meditation – Live Music with shingo masuda


Bodywork and Massage Journey with Zahiro kai – Live Music by Saša Pavić

In this workshop Zahiro Kai will lead you on a guided bodywork journey from the feet all the way up to  the head. We will share a time of giving and receiving, using not only our hands but a variety of other body parts as well, to deeply release, stretch and reconnect with our bodies in the transition from the first into the second day of the festival.

The journey will be accompanied with live music by Saša Pavić playing the hang drum. The participants will explore and connect elements of dynamic thai bodywork, meridian touch and rolling contact point improvisation.

Contact Improvisation with Mireia Aragones

This dance improvisation workshop is about encouraging creative exploration through inviting participants to visit the unknown, cultivating presence for the unfolding moment, fostering playful curiosity and spontaneous creative expression.


Ecstatic Dance was inspired by the ritual dances of antiquity. Max Fathom created it in 2008 in
Hawaii and, since then, it has spread worldwide. It is a meeting place for all different kinds of people who love to dance to express ourselves, not to impress. We come as we are. We get lost in the music, get filled with vitality, sweat and have fun. Body, mind and spirit come together while we get in touch with our true selves through the complete freedom of movement.

Sufi whirling and Sema Ceremony with Live Music – Homage to Dr. Oruç Güvenc with Dhyana Vargas & tümata

In memory of the sufi master Dr. Oruç Güvenc, Tümata Berlin and Dhyana Vargas will be hosting a Sema, a traditional sufi ceremony in which Tümata will honor Dr. Oruç Güvenc by playing his music and creating a space for you to learn and experience sufi whirling. Whirling is an ancient centering technique that helps the mind to relax, sending the whirler into a soft silent meditative space.


This is a festival for everyone. No previous dance experience is required. All bodies and levels are welcome.

"there´s nothing more miraculous for meditation than dancing. if you dance fully, if you dance totally, then in that dance your being comes out of the body. the body will go on moving in rhythm but you will experience that you are out of the body. And then your real dance begins: below, the body will go on dancing; above, you will dance. the body on the earth, you in the sky. The body will dance the dance of matter, you will dance the dance of consciousness." OSHO

Conscious Dance Festival


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