Corinne Castelli

Embodying voice

Corinne Castelli is an actress and voice & movement teacher based in Berlin. After graduating in acting at the Scuola Civica D´Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi in MIlan (It) in 2005, she began an acting career with theatre director Massimo Castri, participating between 2005 and 2010  in several productions of the State Theatres of Modena and Rome touring extensively throughout Italy.

Through the interaction with directors of the likes of Eimuntas Nekrosius, Marco Bellocchio, Matthias Langhoff, Enrique Diaz, she gained a deep understanding of the importance for actors to be able to develop resources and skills to enhance their capacity to center themselves in the midst of very demanding working circumstances.

She teaches the „Lichtenberger method for applied voice physiology„ and is a Body-Mind Centering somatic movement educator.



Brunhilde kerschbaumer

Rio Abierto system

Brunhilde was born in 1966 in South Tyrol (Italy), where she also lives and works. As an international Rio Abierto trainer with several stays in Buenos Aires and Spain, she has been leading group courses for 20 years. She is part of the German speaking Rio Abierto training team. She also teaches yoga and leads yoga and Rio Abierto group tours. She loves music, nature and silence, alone and in encounters.




Mireia Aragonès

contact improvisation

Mireia Aragonès, born in Barcelona is an Alexander Technique teacher, Pilates instructor , movement artist and contact improvisation facilitator.
Dancing and teaching is for Mireia an ongoing enquiry into motion and awareness: the value and meaning of presence, the power of listening to your own body, non-doing and touch; exploring the influence of our anatomical and perceptive systems; exploring differing qualities of being and movement.
Currently Mireia teaches groups, one-to-one and workshops in Berlin and abroad, assists Elisabeth Molle in the HZT (Dance studies in Berlin’s university) and collaborates in the improvisation collective Improlab.



dj Vesica

ecstatic dance

Vesica is Initiator and Co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Berlin, where she is a resident DJ and organizer of Ecstatic Dance Sundays. Vesica, while born and raised in Berlin, has lived most of her adult life in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.
 Oakland Ecstatic Dance saved her in 2008, when her doctoral dissertation on spirit possession & psychiatry was literally driving her mad. Ever since, Ecstatic Dance has been her twice weekly, non-negotiable pilgrimage to the dance floor to get down and right with herself, her community, her body and the Universe.
As an Ecstatic Dance DJ and ambassador, Vesica travels wherever she’s invited, such as to California, the Netherlands, Romania, Finnland, Russia & Switzerland etc.
For her, Ecstatic Dance is a way of life and an instant community, connecting like-minded people all over the world.



Zahiro Kai

Bodywork and Massage Journey

Zahiro is a naturopath, massage and movement therapist and teacher living in Berlin. Originally coming from contemporary dance and movement, he has practiced   for many years energetic and intuitive Thai Meridian Massage. During his yearly travels to Asia, he trained and still continues his formation in this massage form and other energetic bodywork at the most important schools in Thailand. As a naturopath he combines the balancing effect of body-work with  dynamic movement work as a GYROTONIC® Trainer. He also teaches Thai Yoga massage since 2008 and has developed his special approach of Intuitive Thai Meridian Massage.




Martina Weinheimer


Martina was born in the heart of East Berlin. She is the mother of a son, and currently lives and teaches in Berlin.
She  has worked in different professions as a seamstress and stage costume designer for the East Berlin “Akademie der Kunste”, in a publishing house, as a waitress, as artist´s assistant and as DJ.
After the Berlin Wall fell, Martina got involved with different movement practices: Trancedance training with Frank Natale, she was also part of the core team at the Soleluna community and got training in massage with Shaida Cartellà in Italy.
In 1998, 5Rhythms® found her and since then she dances joyfully and heartfully. After her training with Gabrielle Roth, she became an authorised 5Rhythms© facilitator.




sufi whirling

Dhyana was born in Colombia and moved to Germany in 2003 to study graphic design. After her work experience in the advertising world she felt the urgency to discover herself and gain more understanding about life. This search brought her to Berlin where she met the OSHO Meditations; amazed by the awareness and clarity she got through these techniques and with the desire of sharing her experience, she became a certified meditation facilitator in Berlin as well as in Pune, India. Currently she offers OSHO Meditations and OSHO therapies, and teaches Sufi Whirling around the world. She is the creator of the Whirling in Berlin as well as OSHO Meditation Colombia and co-creator of Conscious Dance Festival Berlin/Barcelona.



kabiro (lara ubago)

Soundhealing & meditation

Kabiro is trained as a  bodyworker (Body Harmony and Arun Conscious Touch) as well as a breathworker (trained in Rebirthing by Bob Mandel) and a Gestalt Artherapist. She is also a Qikong and OSHO Active Meditations facilitator.

She has also facilitated movement and oriental dance classes and workshops in Spain. Kabiro has engaged deeply and for many years in several forms of conscious dance, being a keen practitioner of 5Rhythms®, Sistema Rio Abierto and Ecstatic Dance. She is co-founder and organiser of Conscious Dance Festival.


Shingo Masuda

soundhealing & meditation

Shingo Masuda is a Japanese kanun player. He  was born in Osaka in 1986.
He started playing piano in his childhood but since 2009, he has been commited to the Kanun, traveling to Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey and Greece in order to study it.
Shingo has performed  internationally in festivals, as well as for  the Japan Broadcasting Corporation and in various temples and shrines.

He has also been part of several bands and collaborated with many musicians, dancers and artists.


Facebook: shingoqanun


Valentina Bellanova

sufi whirling

Valentina was born in Florence, where she later studied musicology and recorder. She then furthered her instrumental studies in Germany at the University of Music, Drama and Media in Hanover, where she obtained her Soloist’s Diploma. She moved to Berlin at the beginning of 2014.
She has been very involved with classical Turkish and Arab music for several years now, also studying their respective aesthetics and theories. She plays both the Turkish and the Arabic Ney and regularly performs these instruments in various music and theatre projects.


In addition to working as a freelance musician, she teaches Ney and is also involved in research and publishing.



Saša Pavić

hang drum journey

Saša Pavić is a body work devotee, intiated in many paths which are connected with healing and alignment of the the body as a whole. His journey started with classical ballet and contemporary dance education, followed by professional  engagement as dancer in theatre and dance companies in Germany such as: State  Theatre Braunschweig, NordWest Dance Company at State Theatre Oldenburg. In 2012 , he moved to Berlin, embarking on the freelance artist scene. He was a member of Impro : One Third Dance Collective Berlin and a dance teacher in various dance studios. In the last few years he started to be involved in Massage and Yoga practices, with certification in Ayurvedic massage treatments.

Besides bodywork, which is his main tool, Saša is also hang drum musician, guitarist and creator of “Vocal alchemy“ singing circles.

Victor Bombí

sufi whirling

Victor is a Composer & Musician from Barcelona. He will be playing percussion during the whirling workshop.



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