day 1 – 05.10.19

time / workshop / facilitator

10.00h - 10.15h



10.15h - 11.15h

Sensing Body

Saša Pavić


11.30h - 13.30h

Open Floor

Maegan Gorbett (Alma Omega)


15.00h - 16.30h

From Head to Heart: voice and movement journey

Joris Camelin


16.45h - 18.15h

Soul Motion

Jens Wazel


18.15h  - 18.45h

Sound Meditation

Roy Sunak


18.45h - 19.00h


day 2 – 06.10.19

time / workshop / facilitator

10.00h - 10.15h


10.15h - 11.15h

Organic Dance

Karina Suárez Bosche

11.30h - 13.30h
5 Rhythms®

Dagmar Cee

15.00h - 17.00h
Rio Abierto System

Linne Melinkat

17.15h - 19.15h
Sufi Whirling

Dhyana Vargas & Sufi Music Friends

19.15h - 19.30h


The workshops will be held in english, yet there will be translation into german if needed.

 This is a festival for everyone. No previous dance experience is required. All bodies and levels are welcome.

workshops & Facilitators

Sensing body with Saša Pavić

Sensing Body is movement research laboratory inspired from gaga dance and the 4 elements: earth, water, wind and fire. In this practice we combine this essential elements with the use of power of the imagination and creativity, to explore different textures and movement patterns in our bodies. How do we allow movement to naturally flow through our moving organism? How do we sense, feel, taste and visualize our dance? Are we connected with these elements and how do we embody them? How is to move soft, dynamic, wild and free, and play with the diverse layers of that sense?  Saša invites us to join him on playful ground and visit new places in our bodies.

Saša Pavić, born in Serbia, based in Berlin is professional contemporary dancer, massage therapist and sound healing facilitator.
His bodywork journey started with classical ballet and contemporary dance education in native Serbia, followed by professional engagement in dance companies in Germany such as: State Theater Braunschweig, NordWest Dance Company, Oldenburg. He was a member of Impro: One Third Dance Collective Berlin , dance teacher in various dance studios in Europe and choreographer of his own dance performances . Besides the dance field he is also certified in Ayurvedic and Thai Yoga Massage , he is Hang drum musician, Guitarist and Voice Workshop facilitator. In 2018 he created " Alchemy of Sounds" a regular evening with vocal practice integrated with sound bath in Berlin . His great passion is to combine bodywork, sound and music with fascination to explore the infinite potential and healing power of humans voice, sound vibrations, movement and trance breath.

Open Floor with Maegan Gorbett (Alma ∞ Omega)

Open Floor Movement Practice is an embodied exploration of the mighty web of our subjective experience, mapped through our mind-body-emotional-soul connection, combined with our relational hungers for solitude, contact, belonging and communing with Spirit.

Open Floor focuses on embodied-anchors and Core Movement Resources to further ground our understanding of life and ourselves: through this incredible vessel that is our bodies, moving through space, in dance...learning to embrace this ever-changing dance that IS our lives.

During this practice, we will dive into the beauty of dance as a healing art: Moving and Including all that is present inside of us.  Open Floor is an awareness practice, as well as a healing-art-form, creating a space where the dance floor meets us in the rich depths of our dance.

Maegan Gorbett (Alma ∞ Omega) is a devout believer and lover of movement and dance: in it’s healing power to connect us to ourselves, one another, and to the greater rhythms and connections of our Life...the more we move, the more we can include all that is fixed inside of us (in body, mind & soul) and bring it into fluidity...

Music, ritual, movement, dance, and embodiment have been the most influential passions of her life, and this is a well of inspiration that continues to deepen and fertilize her service to Life. Maegan serendipitously discovered Gabrielle Roth's 5 Rhythms 14 years ago, and her teachings have had a deep impact on her development, growth and life-path since then.  In the past 6 years, Maegan has developed her own Ritualistic gatherings such as Cacaophany & Lucid, weaving the bridges between conscious dance, ritual & transformative culture.

Maegan is currently deepening her commitment to healing, dance, movement and soul-embodiment through her path as a teacher with Open Floor International: an embodied-dance-meditation training, using the dance-floor (of life) to awaken, heal and enliven us. The power of movement, the freedom of expression, the truth of our body’s wisdom, and the beauty of authenticity are the pillars of her joy and work.  The healing & awakening of the human spirit is a deep calling that continues to unfold her path during these dynamic times on the planet.

From Head to Heart: voice and movement journey with Joris Camelin

Improvisation. Breathe, movement and voice. Joris leads you through senses, softness and playfulness to reveal your inner movements, to dance yourself out.
Bringing interactions, space and air in Bodies and Minds for a better connection and sharing…
Falling into dance, falling into the Moment, meeting the self,  meeting others…

Joris Camelin, dancer-performer-improviser.
Collaborated among others with choreographers such as Meg Stuart, Laurent Chetouane, Constanza Macras and Mark Tompkins.
Currently giving workshops and coaching for academies, festivals and various projects around Europe, collaborating with people from many different fields (dancers, actors, musicians, architects and visual artists…).

Soul Motion with Jens Wazel

Soul Motion is a conscious dance practice at the crossroads between the vertical drop into self and the horizontal extension toward another, to community and spirit. Nurturing the awakening of stillness in every movement moment, we celebrate the miraculous event of this body breathing and moving: now. Soul Motion is improvised movement meditation, in presence and mindfulness, between stillness and ecstacy.

Jens Wazel is an authorized Soul Motion teacher, and has been offering classes and workshops for 15 years in Seattle, San Francisco, Hawaii, and in Berlin. He is the founder of the Bay Area Soul Motion Collective. Jens is also experienced in various other forms of dance, movement theatre and meditation. He is combining all these elements into unique offerings of heartfelt play and soulful depth, full of space and love. After 25 years on the American West Coast, Jens now lives in Berlin, where he also enjoys his love for photography.

Sound Meditation with roy sunak

Sound Meditation  combines music and mindfulness meditation, so you can dive in deep and connect to the present moment. This reduces stress and takes you out of your daily distractions and brings you back to yourself. With that, we can be fully open to receive the precious gift and the beauty of music. 
As a human being we perceive our world through our five senses. The world stimulates all our five senses which makes it more difficult for us to look into the subtle levels of awareness.
However, the senses can also be used purposefully.

Through sound meditation we consciously redirect the flow of energy with the hearing sense into our bodies and thus prepare ourselves to welcome the music. We will learn to appreciate it and to look deeply at the qualities of sound and silence, to observe ourselves and the outside world through music. Sound and silence are everywhere and in every moment of our life. Through Sound Meditation Roy will show us how to apply this method  in our daily lives for achieving Calm – abiding.

Roy Sunak – A Bansuri player and a composer, was born in Israel. In his early career, Roy played  jazz in Israel and New York, where he collaborated with a variety of artists in different genres. He performed in numerous bands at music festivals around the world including New York, Spain, Israel, Germany, Czech Republic and Costa Rica.

After experiencing a difficult phase in his life Roy went to India on a spiritual journey where he discovered the ethereal sound of the bansuri (Indian bamboo flute) where it is played Hindustani classical music; the traditional music of northern India. He became a disciple in the lineage of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, the world famous master of Hindustani classical music, the “living legend of Bansuri”, honored and awarded internationally for his music.

Pursuing his fascination with improvised raga music and flute playing, he decided to dedicate himself to the bansuri and remained in India to master it and after several years of intense practice, he won the praise of Indian audiences and his lauded teachers for his authentic renditions of raga melodies. There, he recorded his first album "Unexpected Journey".

Since settling down in Berlin in 2017, Roy has been performing both as a solo artist and a band leader, and collaborating with different artists in the world music, sound journey meditation music, at ecstatic dance events and yoga events.

His captivating and enchanting performances transport audiences to other realms, offering a sense of peace, as Roy Sunak blends unbounded creativity and tradition.

ORGANIC DANCE with Karina Suárez Bosche

Organic Dance, is a class that works with improvisation and principles of somatic methods  to organize and integrate body, mind and surroundings. It achieves freedom and creativity in the movement. The methodology to reach this is to bridge the somatic work coming from techniques and movement approaches such as: Klein Technique, Body Mind Centering®, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais and the practice of improvisation.

Karina Suárez Bosche, born in Mexico with German roots is a choreographer, dancer and yoga teacher, is founder and artistic co-director of P_A_R_A_R/Immersive Performance Art. She is interested in art as a living and sensitising human process. She received a Master's degree in Choreography at the Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz, Udk (2012-2014). She facilitates regular classes and workshops (mostly between Mexico and Germany) such as Contact Improvisation, Improvisation through Somatic Principles, Creative Movement through Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga.

5 RHYTHMS® with Dagmar Cee

Developed by Gabrielle Roth (1941-2012) over 40 years, the 5Rhythms - Flowing Staccato Chaos Lyrical Stillness® are states of Being. They are a map to everywhere we want to go, on all planes of consciousness – inner and outer, forward and back, physical, emotional and intellectual.
They are markers on the way back to a real self, a vulnerable, wild passionate, instinctive self.
While a seemingly simple process, the 5Rhythms practice facilitates deep and unending explorations, moving the dancer beyond self-imposed limitations and isolation into new depths of creativity and connection. In this session we want to explore how we can move us into presence.

Dagmar Cee – Trained and authorized by Gabrielle Roth she has been teaching internationally for the last 15 years on the Waves Level and for 9 years on the Heartbeat level of the 5Rhythms® maps. Her background is photography and Media Art.

With the self-imposed, wonderful commitment to be a lifelong student of this practise, teaching the 5rhythms is for her a continuation of her own studies of awareness and presence.
She currently teaches open classes and different workshop formats at different places around Germany and Europe - and organizes international workshops. Travelling around most of the time, her home base is Berlin, where she started dancing and creating a tribe many years ago.

Rio Abierto system with Linne Melinkat

The Río Abierto System was created in the 1960’s in Buenos Aires, Argentina and since then it’s developing continuously and in a dynamic way. It offers a spiritual/body-mind approach for personal development, transformation and self-knowledge. We work with free and guided movement, breath, contact and touch, expression and dramatization, massage & silence. Through different techniques we can “unfreeze“ blockades and promote our vitality and consciousness in order to take care of the body, listen to the heart and express the being.

Linne Melinkat, born in Germany, based in South Portugal, is an international facilitator of the Río Abierto System, and professional Shiatsu practitioner. She became acquainted with in with Río Abierto in Uruguay, where she trained with Graciela Figueroa. In 2019 she moved back to Portugal (Algarve), after almost 20 years abroad. She currently gives Rio Abierto workshops and classes in Portugal, Italy and Germany.

SUFI WHIRLING WITH Dhyana Vargas & Sufi music Friends

Whirling is a sufi ancient technique, where you whirl on the spot with your arms opened. This method goes very deep, taking the whirler out of the mind and into his/her center, into the very core of their beings. While your whole body is moving suddenly you become aware of a space inside of you that is unmoved, this is YOU. 'To know this unmoving center is to know the very master key of all the mysteries of life.' (Osho)


Accompanied by talented musicians playing traditional sufi music, Dhyana will share a space for you to learn and  experience this ancient centering technique that helps the mind to relax, moving you into a soft silent meditative space.

Many years back, Dhyana Vargas (Colombia, based in Berlin) felt the urgency to discover herself and gain more understanding about life; a search that brought her in touch with the OSHO Active Meditations; amazed by the awareness and clarity she got through these techniques and with the desire of sharing her experience, she became a certified meditation facilitator in Berlin as well as in Pune, India. Her fascination for Sufi Whirling took her to practice this techinique with the sufi master Oruç Güvenc in Turkey.


Currently she shares OSHO Meditations and OSHO therapies, teaches Sufi Whirling and offers Aquafloating sessions around the world. She is the creator of the Whirling in Berlin as well as OSHO Meditation Colombia and co-creator of the Conscious Dance Festivals.

Hakan Tuğrul (Istanbul/Berlin) is a santur player – an instrument which has its roots in the antique
Persia and India. From 2014 he has been working with various musical ensembles on international festivals and concerts, composed pieces for albums, film, TV and documentaries and played in various workshops as well as meditation and Yoga classes. In addition to his many solo appearances, he also works with various musicians of different origins and gives Santur lessons in Berlin.

Evren Can Kaman (born in Turkey) started to play oud when he was 15 years old. He learned oud himself. For 15 years he has been playing in bands and choirs. He define himself politically liberterian and religiously defacto agnostik.
Beside music he likes reading philosophy and long walks.As hobby he tries to make creative coding.

"there´s nothing more miraculous for meditation than dancing. if you dance fully, if you dance totally, then in that dance your being comes out of the body. the body will go on moving in rhythm but you will experience that you are out of the body. And then your real dance begins: below, the body will go on dancing; above, you will dance. the body on the earth, you in the sky. The body will dance the dance of matter, you will dance the dance of consciousness." OSHO









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