day 1 – 03.10.20

time / workshop / facilitator

10.00h - 10.15h



10.15h - 12.45h

As Love Moves

Sangeet Portals


14.15h - 15.45h

Florencia Lamarca


16.15h - 17.45h

Ecstatic Dance

Ben Pavlidis


17.45h  - 18.45h

Poetic Sound Journey & Gong Bath

Mallika Paritosh & Spectral Solas


18.45h - 19.00h


day 2 – 04.10.20

time / workshop / facilitator

10.00h - 10.15h



10.15h - 11.15h

From Feldenkrais into Dancing

 Adalisa Menghini


11.30h - 13.30h


Dagmar Cee


15.00h - 16.30h

From head to heart – Sounds in Movement

Joris Camelin


17.00h - 18.45h
Sufi Whirling

Dhyana Vargas & Sufi Music Friends

18.45h - 19.00h

The workshops will be held in english, yet there will be translation into german if needed.

 This is a festival for everyone. No previous dance experience is required. All bodies and levels are welcome.

workshops & Facilitators

As Love Moves  with Sangeet Portals


This workshop is about release and expansion, inspired by the COVID crisis. Through gently guided conscious movement and dance, Sangeet will help you to bring awareness to where you hold chronic tension in your bodies, so that you can release some of it and have more space, become more rooted and feel safer in this moment. Then when you breathe into your heart, you can expand into who you really are.

Sangeet is from the United Kingdom but his home has often been in his own heart and in many different countries. He has more than 25 years’ experience as a masseur, body worker and therapist and 20 years’ experience as a DJ.

For many years he has been deeply inspired by the teachings of Osho, as well as 5Rhythms founder Gabrille Roth, and was fortunate enough to train with her in the first and second levels and become certified in the technique. His other great love is salsa and he has studied with teachers from South America and New York. He developed his own fiery yet gentle approach to the dance, which he calls Conscious Salsa.

He uses the name, Love Moves – Heart-based Solutions for a Whole New World, as an umbrella term for his work in helping others, that draws on the self-development studies he has been dedicated to for the past 35 years.

5 RHYTHMS® with Dagmar Cee

Developed by Gabrielle Roth (1941-2012) over 40 years, the 5Rhythms®- Flowing Staccato Chaos Lyrical Stillness are states of Being. They are a map to everywhere we want to go, on all planes of consciousness – inner and outer, forward and back, physical, emotional and intellectual. They are markers on the way back to a real self, a vulnerable, wild, passionate, instinctive self.

While a seemingly simple process, the 5Rhythms practice facilitates deep and unending explorations, moving the dancer beyond self-imposed limitations and isolation into new depths of creativity and connection. In this session, Dagmar will guide you to explore how you can move into presence.

Trained and authorized by 5Rhythms founder Gabrielle Roth, Dagmar Cee has been teaching internationally for the last 15 years on the Waves Level and for 9 years on the Heartbeat level of the 5Rhythms® maps.

With the self-imposed, wonderful commitment to be a lifelong student of this practice, teaching the 5Rhythms is for her a continuation of her own studies of awareness and presence, and her background is in photography and media art.

She currently teaches open classes and different workshop formats around Germany and Europe and organizes international workshops. Her homebase is Berlin, where she started dancing and creating a tribe many years ago.

From Feldenkrais into dance MIT Adalisa Menghini

Adalisa’s class will begin by practising awareness through movement with the Feldenkrais Method, a gentle but powerful approach that deepens the sense of how you move and increases the quality of coordination. You will then be invited to explore your body through an improved dance to integrate the benefits of your awareness practice.

Adalisa is an Italian choreographer, performer, dancer and teacher based in Berlin. She studied dance at S.N.D.O. in Amsterdam, holds a postgraduate degree in Neurophysiological Psychology and is a qualified teacher of the Feldenkrais Method.

Her work is informed by more than 30 years of experience. She has collaborated with a range of talented artists including Nita Little, Keith Hennessy, Kirstie Simson, Sasha Waltz and Tino Sehgal. She is a regular teacher of composition and choreography at the University of Art (UDK) Berlin, of Contact and Improvisation at Tanzfabrik Berlin and is the co-founder of the Somatic educational program for children and youth at the Somatic Academy Berlin.


Bodies have their own language. They tell a story, and constantly seek to feel as alive and fluid as possible. Uncovering this fluidity gives us the potential to enrich our senses and imagination, to experience lightness and power, and to raise our self-awareness and capacity for self-healing.

You will be guided through a journey of movement, dance, connection and feeling, to explore the intricacies of your stories. You will be invited to uncover delicate, pleasurable and powerful movements, without self-judgment. This workshop can help you navigate through tiredness and heaviness, connecting with your body, unblocking and exploring it.

Florencia Lamarca has 20 years’ dance experience, primarily training and performing with Ohad Naharin, creator of Gaga Movement. She was born in Uruguay and is based in Berlin.
After her studies in Israel at the Mateh Asher School of Performing Arts, Florencia became a member of the Ensemble Batsheva and toured with them around the world for several years. Once in Berlin, she worked with Constanza Macras and Thomas Ostermeier at the Schaubühne and was a guest performer at Sasha Waltz & Guests.

Parallel to her performing life, she became a Grinberg and Pantarei somatic bodywork practitioner and has 10 years experience working in this field. Out of the combination of her studies, Florencia presents her own somatic healing approach – Fluentbody.

From head to heart – Sounds in movement  with Joris Camelin

This evocative journey will be based around the core concept of improvisation, getting in touch with yourself through your breath, movement and opening up your voice.

Joris will lead you through your senses, utilising softness and playfulness to reveal your inner movements to yourself – to dance yourself out, from the inside. This interaction with your own being in this space and time creates the conditions for enhanced connection, sharing and interaction with others. Falling into dance, falling into the moment, meeting the self, meeting others…

Joris Camelin is a dancer, performer and improviser from France, now based in Berlin. He has collaborated with leading choreographers such as Meg Stuart, Laurent Chetouane, Constanza Macras and Mark Tompkins.


He is currently offering workshops and coaching sessions at academies, festivals and other locations around Europe, working with people from many different fields such as dancers, actors, musicians, architects and visual artists.


Ecstatic Dance is about getting out of your head and into your body. It’s not about the way the movement looks, it’s about how it feels. Ecstatic Dance empowers people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds to freely express themselves and come together in a joyous melting pot. The liberating atmosphere creates a safe space of acceptance and the fearlessness with which others move gives newbies permission and courage to dance with inhibition.

Ben will create a super danceable soundscape for you to move your body to – in whatever way feels most right for you in the moment! In this uplifting space you can give yourself over to the sounds and truly let go.

Ben Pavlidis is a songwriter, producer and frontman of Berlin band, Ohrbooten. On his musical path he developed a deep passion for bass music and in his DJ sets, he pays homage to his beloved bass frequency. Half-Greek and half-German, he grew up in West Berlin and the city has always fed him with an eclectic mixture of urban, world and electronic music.

For the past three years, he has dedicated his passion for DJing to Ecstatic Dance. He loves to create a wave with different emotional islands, encompassing a mixture of classic tracks and underground beats, soaked in an almighty bass shower.


Lie back and float on the soundwaves of Paiste Symphonic and Synodic Moon Gongs, which Ciara will weave into a cosmic soundscape, along with Himalayan Singing Bowls, Koshi chimes, and sounds of nature. The Gongs’ powerful vibrations can feel like a sonic massage as they effortlessly lower your brainwaves into an alpha state and body into deep relaxation, replenishing from inside out and helping you to integrate the insights and creativity from your dance.

‘All wisdom flows from the highest source, and I honour that source in you. We are one.’ Don Conreaux

Ciara of Spectral Solas, from Ireland and based in Berlin, has always felt a deep connection to spirituality and the arts. She expressed her creativity through DJing, working as a writer and editor, and organising cultural dance events before her life-changing discovery of how much meditative practices improved her happiness and health.

Her first encounter with the Gong in Bali was a lightbulb moment and inspired her to complete Gong Master training with Don Conreaux, Aidan McIntyre and Sheila Whittaker. She gained 600-hour Meditation teaching certification from Shree Mahesh Heritage Meditation School in India, and the Australian Centre for Holistic Studies.

She offers regular Gong Bath Meditations in Berlin, and has provided wellness experiences for BIMM Berlin and Talentspace, and workshops for Hedone Seminar 2019 and Anahata Festival 2020.


When you surrender completely to dance, you become an ocean, a stream of pure flow and pure vibration. After a day of intense bodywork, this poetic sound journey guided by Mallika will invite you to explore what dances inside of you after the movement stops. From stillness and silence, words and sounds will take your hand as you dive into the inner landscapes of the limitless, vibrating core of your being.

Mallika Paritosh, born in Argentina and based in Berlin, is a multidisciplinary artist and meditation facilitator. She has always been fascinated by the mystery and beauty of invisible things: stories, melodies, cosmogonies, sacred rituals, and silence.

She studied philosophy and classical piano in her homeland and plays more than 20 traditional instruments. She has performed at traditional South American music and dances at a wide variety of music and dance festivals, and is also a bestselling author of children’s books.

Over the last 10 years, she has combined her passion for music, philosophy, literature and dance with meditation. She is a certified Osho Active Meditations facilitator and with her partner Gopal (Dynamic Tantra), she co-creates ecstatic and multidisciplinary events all over the world that integrate bodywork and ancient Tantra with poetry, sound healing, visionary art, sacred rituals and soulful music.

SUFI WHIRLING WITH Dhyana Vargas & Sufi music Friends

Whirling is an ancient Sufi technique, where you whirl on the spot with your arms outstretched. This method goes very deep, taking the whirler out of the mind and into the very centre of the being. While your whole body is moving you suddenly become aware of a space inside of you that is unmoved. This is YOU. 


'To know this unmoving centre is to know the very master key of all the mysteries of life.' Osho


Accompanied by musicians playing traditional Sufi music, Dhyana will share a space for you to learn and experience this ancient centring technique that helps the mind to relax, moving you into a soft, silent and meditative place.

Dhyana Vargas (born in Colombia, based in Berlin) loves sharing her passion for meditation, movement and awareness. She became a certified meditation facilitator in Berlin as well as in Pune, India at the OSHO International Meditation Resort. Her fascination for Sufi Whirling led her to practice it with the Sufi master Oruç Güvenc in Turkey. 


Currently, Dhyana shares OSHO Meditations and OSHO meditative therapies, teaches Sufi Whirling and offers Aquafloating sessions around the world. She is the creator of   Whirling in Berlin, as well as OSHO Meditation Colombia, and co-creator of the Conscious Dance Festival.

Sufi music by Farhang Moshtagh

Farhang Moshtagh is a freelance musician, kamancheh-player and composer born in Iran. He learned persian traditional music at a music school and then at the University of Music in Iran. He went then to Ukraine to study Jazz music at the Conservatory of Art. Back in his home-country, he started to work as a teacher at the Conservatory of Music in Tehran.

As a kamancheh player, Farhang is a member of the well-known Babylon Orchestra in Berlin. He plays several concerts with different bands and also as a soloist – playing his own compositions.

Sufi music by Kimia Bani

The Daf player Kimia Bani was born in Tehran and has been living in Germany since 2018. She studied Music and Theater. She is also a poet who has published two poetry books by now. Kimia is a professional persian percussionist and music teacher for more than 15 years. She has played internationally with many different musicians.

"there´s nothing more miraculous for meditation than dancing. if you dance fully, if you dance totally, then in that dance your being comes out of the body. the body will go on moving in rhythm but you will experience that you are out of the body. And then your real dance begins: below, the body will go on dancing; above, you will dance. the body on the earth, you in the sky. The body will dance the dance of matter, you will dance the dance of consciousness." OSHO









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