And the dance continues!

After a wonderful Retreat Edition in Greece this past summer, we’re ready to bring you the next in-person edition of the CONSCIOUS DANCE FESTIVAL® in Berlin.

This October 1.-3. we will open the doors again, as we have for the past 6 years, to a space for you to experience and discover different approaches to conscious movement, offered by a group of fabulous and experienced facilitators whom we’ve carefully selected to join us in this upcoming event. In order to create a stronger container and to be able to go deeper in ourselves, we work together as one energy group in only one space, meaning one workshop at a time. This way you will have the chance to participate in all workshops and get the most out of the festival.

This is a unique opportunity for you to gain an understanding out of your own experience of how movement and dance can bring you closer to yourself, how it helps you to connect with others with more authenticity and how your life can be filled with deeper presence.

Places are limited – book your tickets soon to make sure you can be part of this extraordinary experience.

"We dance to shed skins, tear off masks, crack molds, and experience the breakdown — the shattering of borders between body, heart and mind, between genders and generations, between nations and nomads. We are the transitional generation. This is our dance." Gabrielle Roth

 Tel.: +49 177 50 31 675