Alba Raventós

Alba Raventós is, amongst other things, a Somatic Movement Teacher, certified by the german Body Mind Centering© school.
She experiences dance and body consciousness as a way of turning life into poetry.
Alba teaches regular classes and workshops in Barcelona, Spain and Europe.

Carol Villalón Martín

'My passion is the exploration of the trance- state that happens when surrendering to dance and music,to look for  that integration of body, heart and mind that ignites the soul.'

Carol Villalón is a sculptress and an art- therapist as well as gestalt therapist and body worker. Trained in the SAT integrative psychotherapy program, transpersonal psychology ( in training as a holotropic breathwork therapist) and feminist psychotherapy.
As a dj, she founded “ Les Fatales”, a  group of women that do electronic music in Barcelona.
In 2011 she unites the use of music and therapeutic work creating “Deepdance”, a method conceived as an integrative bodywork therapy based in movement and dance.
At the moment she teaches and collaborates in various group processes ( Towanda Project and Music for awakening, TCI…) besides working on one- to-one therapy.
She leads trainings on conscious music and Deepdance throughout Spain and also in Italy.


Riccardo Parenti

Riccardo Parenti (Italia 1979), Music Therapist (UB university-Les heures), Music Degree
from DAMS MUSICA (University of Bologna, Italia). At the moment he works as a music therapist in different institutions and collectives. He sings with MuoM, a choir that sings
harmonies created in the search for beauty while exploring the human voice’s different possibilities.
He is a dancer-performer of Contact Improvisation, a musician and ‘sound landscape creator’ during the Contact jams. He teaches regular Voice, Movement and Improvisation classes at Enestudio Barcelona.


Stuart Phillips

Having cut my dancing teeth tearing up the red dust of Goa’s legendary and untamed trance parties throughout the 1990s and with family life taking ascendance in the last decade with marriage and the subsequent arrival of two fantastic boys, my offerings combine the apparent wildness of our edges and the seeming ordinariness of day-to-day life and are driven by a commitment to ground this practice into the embodied consciousness of the present and future guardians of this planet, drawing on the wisdom of the sages, personal experience and the infinite simplicity of Gabrielle’s maps. See you on the dance-floor!


Valeria Zylbersztejn

Valeria was born in Buenos Aires. She was trained in Rogerian and Gestalt Psychotherapy in the “Instituto de Interacció” in Barcelona and Humanistic Transpersonal Counseling with Claudia Casanovas and Vicenzo Rossi with whom she still collaborates.

She was trained in the Energy Centers System by Dr. Hugo Ardiles, creator of the technique and with whom she has been collaborating in his school in Buenos Aires since 1990, developing a line of work to prevent and attend emotional impact on the body, as a social psychologist and bodyworker.
In 2000, Valeria arrived in Barcelona where she has worked ever since with Patricia Rios, in establishing and teaching the system in Spain, giving workshops and training teachers in Argentina, Barcelona and Bilbao. She is part of the ESCEN Spanish teachers network.

Valeria coordinates movement and body awareness workshops for an improved professional experience for the caring professions “Helping those who help”, offering them some tools that will allow people to find harmony in what they think, feel and do, through an approach in which the main focus is to create a life that is authentic, conscious and committed.



Dhyana was born in Colombia and moved to Germany in 2003 to study graphic design. After her work experience in the advertising world she felt the urgency to discover herself and gain more understanding about life. This search brought her to Berlin where she met the OSHO Meditations; amazed by the awareness and clarity she got through these techniques and with the desire of sharing her experience, she became a certified meditation facilitator in Berlin as well as in Pune, India. Her fascination for Sufi Whirling took her to practice this techinique with the sufi master Oruç Güvenc in Turkey.

Currently she offers OSHO Meditations and OSHO therapies, teaches Sufi Whirling and gives Aquafloating sessions around the world. She is the creator of the Whirling in Berlin as well as OSHO Meditation Colombia and co-creator of Conscious Dance Festival Berlin/Barcelona.



Ayako Zushi

Born in Tokyo, Japan. She studied Theatre and Dance at the Shiki company’s  school in Tokyo, thereafter working as an actress on different stages around Japan. Since 1990 she has lived in Barcelona, where she has specialized in Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Body Consciousness, Neutral Mask, Pedagogy of the Situation, Yoga and other body work techniques. She also participates in different performance projects around Catalunya.

Since 1998, she has taught Body Consciousness and Creative Movement, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Neutral Mask.

Arun Ji

Arun Ji is one of the pioneers of Ecstatic Dance in Europe and India. For the past 10 years he has played music at alternative and conscious events, and deeply explored different forms of dance and meditation. In his sessions he creates a rich musical journey. Carefully mixing a wide range of styles covering a broad emotional spectrum, he facilitates the meeting of celebration and meditation in our dance.

His sensitivity, technique and taste in music is well received at festivals and in communities around Europe, Russia and India, where he is regularly invited to play.




Pedro Burruezo

Pedro was born in Barcelona in 1964. He is one of Spain’s  most dedicated interpreters of medieval and moorish music, with his own very personal, innovative and wild style. During the 1980s and 1990s he led  the Spanish avant garde music  band Claustrofobia, an important reference in Spanish pop music that still has thousands of followers today. For the past 10 years, leading different groups such as
Medievalia Camerata and Nur Camerata, he has performed throughout Spain and abroad, re-interpreting medieval tradition through a contemporary and personal prism, earning  excellent reviews from many sources. He is a muslim and part of the Sufi Bouchichiyya tariqa. In the Conscious Dance Festival he will interpret his characteristic Sufi “quejio” while playing percussion, accompanied by Robert Santamaría on the Qanun.



Conrado Parodi

"Sin duda, El cuerpo es un universo de música, hay sonidos que abren la atención a percibirla..."

Robert Santamaría

Robert is a notable qanun (the horizontal sitar so typical of the Sufi world) player. He has played and taught workshops about this and other instruments in many festivals, theatres and events in Catalunya and the peninsula. For the past two years, he has been part of Burruezo’s Nur Camerata and has performed with him on countless occasions.

Isidora Urrutia Alegría

Born in Santiago de Chile, where she studied afro- latin percussion. Since 2008 she lives in Barcelona, where she has developed into singer-songwriter. She has performed in various stages presenting her two records : 'Path of the birds’ and ‘Auna’.



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